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Boost your beauty regime with our powerful boosts of essential vitamins and nutrients for hair, skin and nails.


Our sleep supplements are carefully crafted to help you fall asleep quicker, and stay asleep longer.

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Maintaining your gut health is fundamental in your beauty, sleep and overall health routine. After all, your gut is the centre hub of your immune system.

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Tuning off after a busy day can be difficult. Our relaxation supplements help to maintain normal mental function, and work towards reducing daily anxieties.

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Our best beauty-boosting ingredients in a vegan formula.

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From cholesterol management to immune health, we have specific supplements to target your need state in a simple and effective way.

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"Huge fan of all the YGHC products because not only are they all science led but all their supplements are effective AND affordable. What I love the most is the 'on trend' variety they have on offer which is so fitting for every young professional female today."

"I started taking the Magnesium supplement before bed each night and definitely noticed improved quality of my sleep.I wake up everyday feeling like I've had deep sleep and feel noticeably more energised throughout the day. It's a higher dosage to most Mg brands which is why I really like it"

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Our team of dedicated experts has poured their hearts and souls into creating a range of supplements that are not only effective but also affordable. We believe that wellness should be a daily practice, seamlessly integrated into your life. That's why our products are designed to fit into your routine, providing you with the essential nutrients and support you need to thrive.

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