Find it hard to prioritise YOU?

Your Good Health Co. is a passion project, driven by our mission to end elitism in the wellness industry.

Wellness should be an effortless integration into your daily routine, which is why our products are made to fit in your busy mornings, afternoons and evenings.

Our range of premium supplements are made to help you look and feel your best at an accessible price point; because after all, feeling good, shouldn't cost the earth.

Our Brand Pillars

  • Accessible and Inclusive

    Wellness for all, all of the time, despite customers' backgrounds, finances, preferences or identity.

  • Science-Led

    Creating products that are needed, effective and with expert formulation and visible results.

  • Pioneers

    We are constantly striving for the best for all consumers, offering total wellness solutions.

  • Community

    We keep our community at the heart of what we do, ensuring to always prioritise you in our actions.

Developed Exclusively for Superdrug

Our products were first developed alongside Superdrug to cater for those looking to boost their beauty from within without costing the earth.

We select the best ingredients at effective doses so that as your skin starts to glow, so does your confidence. Many brands make up their supplements to have a higher concentration of ingredients than your body can absorb, leaving a false impression of effectiveness.