New Mum Mayhem

New Mum Mayhem

Having a newborn baby is rewarding and beautiful, sure. But, if we’re being honest, it’s also exhausting and all-consuming. Your old routine is out the window and you’re up every other hour of the night to comfort a crying infant. 

So, we’ve compiled a list of ways for new mums to incorporate self-care back into their lives. But don’t worry, everything on here is short and sweet, because we know how little time you have to yourselves!

Once a week, treat yourself to a steamy, hot bath. We know normally you’re brushing your teeth in a hurried shower because you need to get back to the baby, but take just one hour each week and dedicate it to a bath. This will make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, not just clean. Our little secret is to add some bath oil so you come out already moisturised and glowing - you’ve got to save steps wherever you can!

Woman in bath

Multitasking is an important skill to master as a new mum. If you’re breastfeeding or using a breast pump, why not get extra use out of that time and do a sheet mask? Minimal mess and effort - just lay it on your skin and let it work its hydrating magic!

Another great hack is to take our daily Skin Biotics which support your gut health, immune system and skin clarity in just one easy capsule! It’s hard for new mums to sustain a healthy and consistent diet, so this little capsule can help maintain a balanced gut microbiome without you having to do any of the hard work. 

If you’re starting to go a little stir-crazy, try and go on a 10 minute walk. This could be while someone else watches the baby or you can strap the little one up into a pushchair and take them with you. Fresh air has fabulous benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing; it promotes focus, immunity and serotonin. You might even run into another new mum that you can make friends and arrange playdates with!

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Staying home with the baby can lend itself to weeks in pyjamas; whilst these are comfortable, after a while you might start to feel a bit bedraggled. Every now and again, put on something that makes you feel beautiful, even if the only people that get to see you are you and baby! It won’t take any extra time to slip on your LBD but it will make you feel like a human being again.

In the evening, why not have your partner take 5 minutes to give you a head and shoulder massage. You can even set the mood with a scented candle. Hint: use our scalp exfoliator to stimulate blood circulation, promote hair growth and reduce dandruff! Doubling up on partner intimacy and pampering is the key to new motherhood.

Outline of massage

When you are ready for a few hours of shut eye, wind down with a relaxing mug of our Collagen Hot Chocolate that has glycine to help you unwind and fall asleep, as well as collagen to help combat visible signs of ageing such as dehydration and fine lines. 

While you rest, why not treat yourself to a luxurious hair mask that will leave you with soft, shiny locks when you wash it out in the morning? 

When it comes to being a new mum, self-care is all about time-saving tactics.

Disclaimer: remember to consult your GP before adding any new products or supplements into your routine. 

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