Out With The Old...

Out With The Old...

Suddenly finding ourselves in March means spring has officially started! Even if the weather hasn’t quite figured that out yet…

Despite starting spring with snow on the ground, we are still headed for a season of change and, hopefully, a bit more sunshine! 

In the very chilly meantime, we highly recommend indulging in our luxurious and warming Collagen Hot Chocolate. Why not boost your collagen as well as your cosiness? 

Entering spring is a fantastic time for change; as the old adage goes, out with the old and in with the new! Both in nature and in society, spring marks a time for new beginnings. This change can come in many forms, but here are five of our favourites…

Spring cleaning

This is the perfect time of year to clear out some clutter from your living space. 

Start by going through your wardrobe and see what you could flog or donate. You might even find some things you once loved but have forgotten about; wardrobes can be a real treasure trove!

Then move onto the slightly less fun task of cleaning your house. Don’t overwhelm yourself by doing it all at once, take it room by room and build in lots of breaks to get nostalgic about what you find and to rehydrate! Our Skin Superfood vegan collagen booster is a pink lemonade flavoured game-changer for a hot and sweaty task. Simply mix a scoop or two into some cold water and enjoy a sweet, refreshing drink that is chock full of goodness.

When you feel satisfied with the cleanliness of a room, consider rearranging it. This can give a room a fresh and vibrant feel without needing to spend money redecorating. Positioning the furniture in certain ways can even add more space or light to the room, making it feel like a whole new space! 

If you’re feeling creative, you can rearrange your room according to the rules of feng shui, a Chinese geomancy practice that is said to bring harmony and peace to a room by encouraging certain energies to flow through. According to Forbes, this practice can promote stress reduction, as well as various other benefits, such as positivity and stronger immune systems.


As frost starts to turn to rays of sunshine, and leaves begin sprouting on the trees, take this opportunity to get back outside and reconnect with nature. 

In winter, we tend to become more reclusive and hibernate inside so we can keep toasty warm, but it’s time now to get fresh air back into your lungs and appreciate the beauty of flower buds blooming and grass growing greener.

Cherry blossom

Getting fresh air is also beneficial for your physical and mental health: it promotes brain function, serotonin production and stronger immunity! There’s no better excuse to get outside. 

Why not try exercising outside? Elevate your brisk walk to a jog, or you could try some outdoor yoga. 

Outdoor exercise has been proven to help lower blood pressure and reduce stress, which in turn improves performance! It’s a win-win. You can even turn this into a social thing by inviting a friend or two to join you in the park with a pair of rollerskates or weighted hula-hoops. 

Check out our home workout guide that you can easily transfer outside for the extra health benefits!


Part of making change is taking stock of what you have already and appreciating what you’ve got and how far you’ve come. 

Recognising your blessings and achievements is an important part of having a positive mindset. 

Woman journalling

Try writing in a gratitude journal once a week about the things you are grateful for that occurred during the week. A Harvard study found that this improved people’s happiness levels as well as their motivation to exercise. They even had fewer doctor’s trips, suggesting better physical health simply from acknowledging their gratitude! 


A new season brings with it new challenges, but you should guide these challenges by giving yourself the opportunity to succeed in difficult tasks. 

Woman ice skating

Challenge yourself to learn a new skill, such as a foreign language or a hobby you’ve been meaning to try. It’s never too late to learn to ice skate! 

Learning a new skill not only benefits you by giving you a healthy project to focus on and to talk about with others, but it has tangible mental benefits too. It stimulates neurons in the brain, allowing new neural pathways to form and thus increasing your overall learning speed. It also densifies the white matter in your brain, myelin, which improves your performance in tasks. 

Learning new skills can even help you stave off dementia! 

Brain cognition

This is because dementia is linked to the demyelineation of your brain, which can be  prevented by stimulating neural pathways through actively learning new skills. This also combats dementia through engaging your memory and high-level cognitive processes. 

So if you’ve been itching to learn to play piano or become a master at chess, hop to it!


New season, new wellness routine. 

With changing seasons and weather, your daily life might look a bit different: a lighter moisturiser, more time outside, increased social events. 

It’s also the perfect time to examine your wellness routine and make new, better habits for the months ahead.

Starting your day with our Skin Biotics capsules is a great way to take care of yourself from this inside out. With prebiotics, probiotics and 7 billion live cultures blended into one little daily capsule, you can balance out your gut microbiome, which helps with your digestion, skin and immune system!

You can also try a short meditation in the morning to set yourself up for the day. Mayo Clinic has established many associated benefits with meditation: improved sleep quality, reduced stress, increased patience, boosted creativity, reduced negative emotions and lowered blood pressure and resting heart rate.

If you’re unsure where to get started, check out our 1 minute meditation guide for the basics.

Make this spring a season of self-care. You deserve it. 

Drawing of woman with flowers in her hair

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