Confidence is Key

Confidence is Key

Confidence is something we all strive for, but none of us actually have all the time. 

As a society, we often think of confidence as some kind of inherent trait: either you have it or you don’t. This is a total myth, so if you are somebody who often feels lacking in self-confidence, then don’t worry because this is a quality you can develop over time with practice, a bit of elbow grease and some of our handy tips. 

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Importance of confidence

Before we get into the nitty gritty of how to build up your confidence, we should explain why this is actually important. Confidence is a kind of self-assurance in yourself and your abilities, it helps you to make positive impressions on those around you and allows you to pursue your goals. 

Being confident can impact your relationship dynamics with those around you, as it can help you communicate more effectively and feel more comfortable in different social environments. 

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Strengthening your bonds with others is just one of the benefits of this; being more confident and assertive in a professional environment allows others to trust you with more authority and responsibility, as well as giving you the ability to make decisions and pursue opportunities that a less confident version of yourself might hesitate over.

Confidence can even help you bounce back from failure if a particular risk doesn’t pay off. Believing you can handle the ups and downs and retaining trust in your ability is a fundamental part of resilience. 

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Having a confident outlook can even affect outcome - that’s right, your mind has the power to determine your success! Having a success mindset - in other words, being confident about their ability - has been proven to improve an athlete’s performance.

So, you can see how confidence is key to unlocking your potential!

How to feel more confident

Now we’ve covered why confidence is an important quality to foster in ourselves, let’s get on to the trickier part - how to actually be more confident. 

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Becoming a more confident person means working on your self-esteem, and something that can boost your self-esteem is by treating yourself with care and respect. This teaches your mind that you are worthy and valuable, thus increasing your confidence levels. 

You can start doing this in small ways, like by starting each morning with 5 minutes of positive affirmations. Studies show that this can actually change your way of thinking. Mantras such as, ‘I believe in my abilities’ and ‘I deserve to feel good about myself’, can help lower your stress levels and improve your quality of life as well as helping to build up your confidence. 

Other small acts of self-care, such as using our scalp exfoliator in the evening or doing a face mask before your shower, are also valuable tools in showing yourself that you are worthy of your own time and attention, while also adding an extra spring in your step by improving your appearance in some small way. 

Everyone is beautiful, inside and out, but we need to remind ourselves of this sometimes by doing something special that gives us an extra glow. Our berry flavoured Beauty Collagen Powder is a perfect option for boosting your confidence in this way, as collagen makes your body feel better on the inside by supporting your joints, as well as the outside by promoting skin elasticity - all while being a fruity, hydrating treat. 

A final way tip to help level up your confidence we want to leave you with is the superhero pose. Standing for even two minutes in a superhero pose - straight posture, shoulders back, hands on hips - before taking on a challenging task has been proven to increase your confidence and consequently raise the likelihood of your success.

What better excuse do you need to transform into Wonder Woman for a couple of minutes? Watch out, Gal Gadot!

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