Love Yourself This Valentine's Day

Love Yourself This Valentine's Day

Who said Valentine’s Day is all about getting wined and dined?

Around Valentine’s Day, we tend to get inundated with merchandise focused on spoiling our romantic partners - regardless of if we have one - and while it is always lovely to treat a significant other, it’s also really important to take time to pamper and pleasure ourselves. 

That’s why we think Valentine’s Day should be just as much about loving yourself as it is about loving those around you. Self-care is one of the most important parts of well-being, and it’s vital that we keep the habit of self-care even if we do have a partner to spoil us with romantic gifts and sweet surprises. 

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Self-care has even been clinically proven to raise your happiness levels, reduce stress, and help with managing mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

A tried and true method of self-care is any kind of at-home spa treatment; be it a face mask to boost skin hydration or a manicure to show off chic French tips at the office, a little self-indulgent spa session never goes amiss. 

Our scalp exfoliator is a great tool to have to hand in these circumstances, as you can give yourself a relaxing scalp massage either while shampooing your hair or with dry hair in bed, and get bonus benefits of improved blood circulation and stimulation of hair follicles on top of the blissful experience. Head massage and hair growth? Sign us up!

Tantalise your tastebuds for an extra special personal treat on Valentine’s Day. No agreeing on what restaurant to book or what cuisine to order required - you can treat yourself to whatever luxury you are craving. A rich truffle tagliatelle followed by a decadent chocolate fondant can be a form of self-care, as long as on most other days you balance this indulgence out with some fruit and veggies. 

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Why not combine great flavours with your beauty regime? Our Tropical Collagen Powder is the perfect marriage of delicious drink and premium skincare. Mix a couple of scoops into a glass of water for a hydrating sweet treat. Collagen is a crucial step in your beauty regime as it promotes skin elasticity and slows visible signs of ageing

Engaging in movement of some kind is a really beneficial form of self-care for maintaining both physical and mental health. This Valentine’s Day, why not sign up for that dance class you’ve been eyeing up; ballet-core fashion is very in right now. Or, simply go on a lengthy hike somewhere with picturesque views and enjoy taking in the peaceful surroundings. Spending time outdoors is great for boosting your energy levels!

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Prioritising getting enough sleep is also key to self-care. This is because it is instrumental in strengthening your immune system and elevating your mood. To build this into your self-care routine, treat your body right throughout the day by avoiding large quantities of caffeine or alcohol which can disrupt sleep patterns, and ensure you have a soothing wind-down routine that promotes a healthy sleep cycle. 

You want to aim for 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep, so treat yourself to an early night rather than burning the oil at both ends. Why not relax in the evening with a cup of our Collagen Hot Chocolate, which will not only help you fall asleep, but also help boost your collagen levels and improve your skin and joint health while you’re off in dreamworld?

We aren’t suggesting that you cancel your swanky dinner reservation or eschew the romantic moonlit boat ride you have planned with your partner, but it’s definitely worthwhile making some time just for yourself this Valentine’s Day. And for our single ladies out there, what better opportunity in the year do you have to dedicate an entire 24 hours to indulge in all your guilty pleasures with none of the guilt?

P.S. On Valentine’s Day, we have a special treat just for you. Use code ILOVEME20 to get a 20% off discount across our store! Now you have no choice but to pamper yourself…

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