How to Unwind

How to Unwind


When life gets hectic, we tend to push ourselves to rush from task to task until we eventually crash. Then we start the whole process over the next day, not giving ourselves any space to slow down and take care of ourselves. 

Whether you’re juggling professional obligations, studying, caregiving or managing a household, the to-do list is never-ending. The hours in the day never seem to be enough! But if you don’t find the time to relax and unwind, it can lead to burnout. If you’re feeling exhausted, numb, demotivated or overwhelmed, this might be what you are experiencing; however, reach out to a medical professional to seek advice if these symptoms are prolonged.

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To avoid getting to the stage of feeling totally burned out, it’s important to build in time to focus on your own wellbeing. Dedicating an hour or two of your evening to winding down can make the world of difference, and is recommended in order to help you get a better night’s sleep. 

Unwinding from the stress of the day can take patience in itself, as you need to figure out what way of doing this works for you. Keep reading to get some inspiration for the best ways to destress. 

Music is a great way to soothe the constant worries and things to remember that tend to bounce around our heads. Putting on your favourite album while you cook dinner, go for a stroll or even just lie on the couch can help improve your mood and help you feel calmer. 

If you’ve had a particularly stressful day, try listening to classical music; studies have shown that classical music can help reduce blood pressure due to its calming effect. 

Having trouble turning your brain off when it’s time for bed? Try listening to a green noise playlist. Green noise is background noise that mimics nature sounds by using specific frequencies, which can help with both sleep and focus. This means it can help you get more done during the day - maybe giving you less to think about at night - as well as easing you into a well-earned slumber.

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Another great way to relax and recenter after a tough day is meditation. Meditation is proven to reduce stress, improve sleep quality, foster a positive mindset, and much more. What’s not to love? You don’t have to pay for a luxury retreat to learn to meditate or spend hours chanting on a beach, you can meditate with just five minutes of alone time in your bedroom, using our brief walkthrough on Instagram. 

Mindfulness meditation can help calm you mentally and physically, but even just the five minutes of peace and quiet it requires makes it hard to refuse!

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Taking time to unwind after a long day should also involve a bit of pampering: why not treat yourself to a face mask? Incorporating a quick and easy beauty treatment like a face mask into your evening routine can help make you feel good inside and out. Skip the expensive facial and just apply a sheet mask or clay mask that you like the sound of. 

If you’re feeling creative, you can even concoct your own face mask from moisturising ingredients sitting in your cupboard, like avocado and manuka honey. DIY skincare can be a cheap alternative to store-bought items as well as a fun activity - just make sure to follow a reputable recipe so you don’t mix up anything you could have a reaction to. 

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If you have done a face mask, you’ve now got an excellent excuse to take a nice steamy shower to wash off the glorious gunk. While the steam opens up your pores and lets you get a deep clean of your face, the heat of the shower will also be beneficial to your circulation, joints, nerves and memory. Maybe we should change ‘hot girl summer’ to ‘hot girl shower’! 

Taking a hot shower in the evening can also boost your sleep quality due to its relaxing properties and the natural fall of your body temperature when you get out.


While you’re in the shower, you can also steal a few minutes of self-care. Whether your hair is wet or dry, you can use our scalp exfoliator to massage your scalp; while you’re enjoying the bliss, your scalp will enjoy the hair growth and anti-dandruff benefits that make this experience a no-brainer. 

Working the short step of scalp exfoliation into your nightly routine is a soothing way to relieve tension. You can even ask a loved one to massage your scalp for extra feel-good points, because we all love having our hair played with.

Unwinding sometimes requires a bit of escapism. Reading is a great outlet to help destress in the aftermath of a hectic day. Studies show that reading fiction has meditative qualities which help relax you, while also allowing your brain to focus on a single task, which means tuning out any anxiety or negativity churning around in there. 

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Books are also good for people struggling with mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety, with such treatment being coined ‘bibliotherapy’. Consider reading a form of mental exercise - perhaps daunting at first but worth every second of reward! 

Curling up with a good book just doesn’t hit right without a hot drink to hand, though. In the evening, it’s best to avoid caffeinated drinks like coffee or even breakfast tea. In fact, limiting caffeine and alcohol consumption a few hours before bed is recommended in order to have a stable sleep cycle. But herbal teas and hot chocolate are delicious winter warmers that make evening reading sessions feel even more cozy, or ‘hygge’ as the wellness-oriented Danish culture would say. 

A hot mug of something tasty is relaxing and can even help lull you to sleep. I hope you can keep a secret: we might just be releasing a product soon that would be the perfect partner-in-crime to a good book and a comfy pillow when you’re trying to unwind in the evening…

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